.U.M.B.R.E. Travel Spray


.U.M.B.R.E. – extrait of hope 10 ml

Olfactory pyramid:

Top note: Davana, Animalic Notes;
Heart note: Benzoin, Cypriol, Coffee;
Base note: Myrrh, Tobacco;
Nose: Jimmy Bodin;
Artistic vision & story:  Adi ale Van

Concentration – extrait de parfum 32%


I’m metal left,
From the worlds whose murder has turned them to ashes,
I am the eternally healthy echo,
From the worlds, from the western worlds …
Muscel’s outlaws
Fighters of freedom.

A timeless story in which each bottle was created to imitate the mountain peaks in the Muscel area.

The area that in the period 1949 -1960 was the home for partisans, freedom fighters during the communist period, being also called outlaws.

Continuously pursued by militia troops for over 10 years, they have never lost hope in the God.

In the winters of the mountains, especially in the harsh and interminable winter of 1954, they experienced famine. In the diary kept by one of them, he tells how they managed to mix the rest of the corn with crushed tree bark to feed on something.

They represent the anti-communist stronghold, which fought to the death. Some of them were killed in clashes in the mountains with security forces. Their families were persecuted and sentenced to years in prison, just because they did not want to report them.

That’s why the perfume was named .U.M.B.R.E. the extrait of hope.

This bottle and packing are handmade in Romania.
Each one is unique and any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.
Please enjoy it as a piece of art and craftmanship.