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Triodul – elixirul patimilor 50 ml

Olfactory pyramid:
Top Note: Olibanum incense,Myrrh
Middle note: Leather, Mushrooms, White Woods Accord, Papyrus
Base note: Opoponax, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Styrax

Nose: Jimmy Bodin
Artistic vision, story & craft: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 30%

Each piece is hand made and unique in Romania, like all Adi ale Van products.
Any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.

Sold out!


In search of the perfect incense with Orthodox specifics, today I am proud to present this perfume with a special, unprecedented design, completely handcrafted by my hands.

The chosen theme is that usually faith in God, the great flame that covers both the lid and the bottle, repeats our prayers that fly to the heavens like sparks carried by the wind, closely watched by the all-seeing eye of God.

A mini crown was added to the cap in a plastic, artistic way, representing the crown of thorns that the Savior wore on the Via Dolorosa on the way to the hill of Golgotha’s crucifixion. Both the lid and the bottle have been patinated to look as old as possible, like the faith that we have been passing down for centuries from generation to generation. 

Each bottle, lid and box are unique due to artisanal work.

The box, like all the other boxes of my brand, is made of wood and leather, being entirely painted by hand.