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Soul Tattoo Travel Spray


Soul Tattoo – Outlaw’s Elixir 10ml

Olfactory pyramid:

Top note: Nutmeg, maple, cardamom, camphor;
Heart note: Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Tobacco abs, pine, Tolu, lavander;
Base note: Benzoin, Cacao, milk, ebony wood, musk, tonka beans, vanilla;
Nose:David-Lev Jipa-Slivinschi
Artistic vision, story & craft: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 30%

Each piece is hand made and unique in Romania,like all Adi ale Van products.
Any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.


Sold out!


The theme and inspiration of this new Soul Tattoo project comes from an ancestral tradition where with the arrival of the new year in my village of Hotaru( in the Danube plain near the bulgarian border) children on horseback dressed in traditional clothes embody the group of Iancu Jianu’s 12 outlaws who walked through the forests of Oltenia county (Romania), others dressed as military or priests, wandered from gate to gate, from house to house, singing the verses of the New Year carol, which they inherited from generation to generation.