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Serafimi – Elixir of Faith – 50 ml
Limited edition – 55 pcs only

Oldactory pyramid: Earth, Stone, Moist Cave Air, Leaves, Nepalese Spikenard, Old Wood, Patchouli, Gurjun Balsam, Ambergris, Civet, Tar, Amber

Nose: David-Lev Jipa-Slivinschi;
Artistic vision, story & craft: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 30%
Each piece is hand made and unique in Romania, like all Adi ale Van products.
Any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.

Sold out!


Thought and created around the old orthodox Christian customs, where the huge angel wings on the lid play the main role of the design, being hand painted and patinated as if they are hundreds of years old. The colors chosen were black, gold and red , each with a strong meaning.
The design of the bottle is inspired by the Golgotha mountain from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Black represents the darkness of the soul, gold represents the Light and red the blood of the Savior that flows incessantly.
In the Christian religion, the seraphim are in one of the highest positions in the entire heavenly hierarchy, being called “the most beloved” because they are closest to God himself. They enjoy the greatest power and that is why they have been placed as guardians of heaven and holy places. They are considered the absolute purity and are the ones that shine the brightest in the eternal universal. Angelologies say that the seraphim have three pairs of huge wings that they hold in such a way as to protect their eyes and body from the brightness with which they are surrounded by God.