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Perseide Travel Spray


Perseide – elixir of stars dust 10ml

Olfactory pyramid:

Top note: Tuberose Absolute India, Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose;
Heart note: Geranium China, Jasmin Absolute Egypt, Leather;
Base note: Sandalwood New Caledonia, Agarwood, Musk;
Nose: Giovanni Festa;
Artistic vision & story: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 27%
Each piece is hand made and unique like all Adi ale Van products.
Any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.

Sold out!


I look now from the old gate,
For the trees I once planted,
Under which we played with joy,
In our dear childhood.
Now only the shadow of the trees remains,
To tell about their long forgotten life.

Man’s life passes,
Like the leaves of the forest,
He rejuvenates and man ages from year to year.
Autumn leaves fall,
The blizzard comes and carries him through the air
And all the same, we fly through life like migratory birds.

I look towards our valley,
But the sky is dark
Your life gathers, the paths narrow,
And I, the youngest, stayed to tell about you, sometimes crying….

Nothing is more beautiful than the smell of childhood dreams…

This elixir is dedicated in the memory of my grandmother.