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Origini Travel Spray


Origini – extrait de Hotaru 10ml 

Olfactory pyramid:

Top note: Sage Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Coconut;
Heart note: Canapa Sativa Oil (Hemp), Orange Blossom, Myrrh Resinoide;
Base note: Patchouly Oil, Cashmere Wood, Modern Woods;
Nose: Anne-Sophie Behaghel;
Artistic vision & story: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 27%

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And time passes
And our life passes,
Like the water that flows over the rocks of the mountain river,
Like the wind-blown sand,
Like the leaves of late autumn trees,
And I remember you fondly,
From among you all, who were before us, walk in the way of eternity,
Of the poplars of the valley, of the sand through which we walk barefoot, heat of the sun, of the sleigh, of my dear house
and more…
Full of melancholy and sadness, I wonder, where did you go, dear childhood?
This is a story of time, in which I got lost trying to find my soul…