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Mioritic Travel Spray


Mioritic – extrait de folklore 10 ml 

Olfactory pyramid:

Top note: Basil oil, Pink pepper oil, Elemi oil;
Heart note: Fig, Incense oil, Grapefruit;
Base note: Patchouly oil, White musk, Modern wood;
Nose: Anne-Sophie Behaghel;
Artistic vision & story: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 25%


Sold out!


An artistic concept in which I collaborated with the potter, Alina Iorga from Horezu (Valcea) who put my ideas into practice and understood exactly that I want, through them, to keep alive the pottery tradition, from this old hearth of ceramic craftsmen.

Each lid is unique and is handmade from kiln-fired clay, based on the ancient shape of the pitcher neck, used for thousands of years by our ancestors.
Each bottle is handcrafted in detail, hand-painted and unique. Through the design of the glass I tried to reproduce in an artistic way, the relief forms and the rivers that make up the Carpathian Danubian Pontic space in which I live. Each lid and box has in its composition acrylic earth. This represents the earth much cherished by the my ancestors.

Why did I choose the colors blue in different shades, gold and brown to decorate the bottle, lid and box? Blue is water, brown is earth, and gold is sunlight, without which we could not live. Through each olfactory artistic project that I launch, I try to pay homage to the old Romanian crafts, traditions and customs, mostly forgotten.
I try to promote Romania through my art and make it known everywhere, that’s why every box and bottle bears the inscription, hand made in Romania.