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Gethsemane – Elixir of Faith – 50 ml
Limited edition – 55 pcs only

Oldactory pyramid: Olive Accord, Basil, Laurel, Cloves, Olibanum Incense, Spikenard, Ambrette, Gurjun Balsam, Elemi, Cedar, Cypress, Pine, Metallic Notes, Oud, Castoreum, Nagarmotha, Vetiver, Leather, Salt.

Nose: David-Lev Jipa-Slivinschi;
Artistic vision, story & craft: Adi ale Van.

Concentration – extrait de parfum 30%
Each piece is hand made and unique in Romania, like all Adi ale Van products.
Any imperfection is the proof of artisanal work.

Sold out!


My thoughts fly far away, to the Holy City, to the via Dolorosa, to the small shops with spices and smells from other distant worlds.
I walk slowly along the small streets of old Jerusalem towards the Lions Gate and head towards the Holy Garden of Gethsemane.
My eyes are full of tears that flow freely from the emotions that engulf me and I can’t believe that I, a simple man, am walking the path of the Savior.
With my mind’s eye I see sequences from other worlds and other times like an old black and white slide.
I finally arrived in the Garden of Gethsemane, I touch the ancient olive trees and I can’t believe what
drawings, sketches and mixed colors are happening in my mind and in an instant I am teleported in front of an altar in an old village church, where I see old painted frescoes and immediately understand what is happening.
The design of the bottle, cap and box is unique and never seen before.
The cap represents the Saviour’s crown of thorns in an artistic way, the bottle is made to represent a stylized olive tree from the Holy Garden, each of them being unique, completely handmade.
The box is created to make you think of the old dowry boxes of girls ready to be married.
  Their painting refers to the old iconography in the altar of the churches smoked by the passing of years over many generations that have worshiped here.
A traditional cross was added to each box, as you would find in the past carved or pierced at the entrance to houses in the countryside.
The perfume was thought around the old customs, the miraculous nard oil (with which the Savior was anointed on the Stone of Anointing), frankincense, myrrh, cedar, cypress, pine, metallic accords (talking about the coins sold by Judas), leather and salt.