My creations are olfactory journey in the time tunnel, where thoughts and emotions intertwine.

   I’m just a little artist, but I consider myself a great dreamer who tries to shape his visions, turning them into olfactory artistic creations. Each of my creations is produced in limited quantities, to ensure the highest quality of artistic production, step by step. Each bottle, lid, decoration, box is painted and handmade, being unique and unable to be reproduced, made by the artist Adi ale Van.

   Each of my creations bears the inscription Hand made In Romania, thereby im trying to promote my country in the farthest corners of the world. Only natural objects, metal, leather, wood, string, ceramics, etc. are used in the creation process.

   The close connection between the artist and the places of his childhood, the anti-communist fight of the partisans from the Muscel mountains, narrated by his grandfather in the cold winters, the Romanian folklore, the antiquities, the Holy Land, Jerusalem, the orthodox religion, his memories. , old forgoten romanian folklore songs are often used as a means of inspiration in creating a new olfactory story.

   Each product is elaborate, making every detail unique. I was never interested in following trends or fashions, I always followed my own direction and vision. Every artistic creation is transformed into an experience of the olfactory senses through which I try to reach the hearts of those who truly appreciate beauty and art.

- Olfactory Dreams -

Each product is handmade entirely and may contain small variations, in design and color, compared to the products displayed!
Please be aware before ordering that these products are handmade in small batches and there is a posibility that at the time of ordering the stock is exhausted and takes time to manufacture them (3 to 4 weeks). If the product is in stock it will be shipped in the shortest possible time

- Travel Sprays -